There is no better way to understand a place, but living like one of them



Choose any of the following homestay

$ 25
Panauti Community Homestay

Run by the very own women and housewives from the community, there are fifteen homes, where guests will be well looked after. It is a get moment to experience a part of a life with a Nepali family.

$ 25
Tharu Community Homestay

Built in a typical tribal architecture, Tharu Community Homestay is in the village of Gothauli, Sauraha, which offers a Time-Travel experience to a Medieval lifestyle.

$ 15
Barauli Community Homestay

This purpose-built homestay in the village of Barauli, close to Chitwan National Park offers hospitality and accommodation in an authentic Tharu-style manners.

$ 20
Annapurna Community Trek

Accommodation is in community the lodges that have been built, with purpose, to facilitate the local community with all the revenue generated.

$ 20
Tamang Heritage Trail

Homes are traditionally built, which is unique in itself in comparison to normal hilly-tribe houses of Nepal. Certainly, it is one of the exceptional treks of Nepal.